Beer is one of the oldest man-made drinks, dating to at least the 5th millennium BC. Which is traced back to written sources of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

It is from the Sumerians who have the most accurate records of beer production and it seems that some workers are rewarded with beer; While in ancient Egypt it was considered a real food and in addition a drug that could be administered to children even though with lower gradations. In the old continent, however, Etruscans, Romans and Greeks were inclined towards wine production, as beer was not yet considered a drink suited to men for its low alcohol content.

Beer production spread in Europe, especially in Germanic, Celtic and Irish cultures, where even the secret of making beer gave them power and immortality. As time passed, various types of beer were born and only with Louis Pasteur the Saccharomyces cerevisiae was discovered: the most common yeast for the production of beers, bread and pizza. It is not a mushroom but it has the property of transforming sugars into alcohol. In fact this (natural) yeast has always existed but only Pasteur could recognize it. Before then, in fact, no one knew that this yeast could be added to facilitate fermentation.

Since then and towards the end of the 1800s, many breweries began to be born in every part of the world, especially in Europe and also in Italy. At the beginning of the 1900s there were a lot of craftsmen and industrial breweries in Italy, the difference between which we remember is not in the quality or in the ingredients but exclusively in the typology of the company, although with "craftsmanship" we tend to find a superior product.

In the last decade, we are witnessing the emergence of many breweries (or crafts brewers) that tend to customize their productions by giving the consumer a wide range of beer types: from the most common to the most sought-after and the aromatized ones.

Come and discover many historical stories that link our Brindisi town to beer and experience the sensory path with tasting artisan beers produced in our city.