• Museo della Birra Brindisi

    Un viaggio per scoprire la storia della Birra, il suo legame con Brindisi e degustare buone birre artigianali prodotte a Brindisi

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  • Beer Museum Brindisi

    A voyage to discover the history of beer, brewing beer in Brindisi and to taste good craft beers brewed in our town

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  • Discover and Taste

    Racconti, documenti, macchinari, una vasta collezione di boccali originali di fine 800 firmati da artisti dello Jugendstil: Wynand, Wiinblad, Menningen, Merkelbach, Villeroi & Boch...

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Welcome to the Beer Museum of Brindisi.

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The museum proposes a story about the history of Beer, starting from the Sumerians, passing through the Messapi, the Greeks. Romans.


Particular attention is given to the Middle Ages and the Templars, as the Tourist House is a building built as an arsenal by the Templars.

Then the history of the Indian Mail (1874-1914), which started off by train from London and arrived in Brindisi, where passengers, post and goods (especially beer barrels Pale Ale destined for the British colonies of the Indies) were boarded on steamboats Of the Peninsular & Oriental Line for Bombay. Interestingly, the collection of original postcards, magazines, and documents of the age, accompanied by tales of some travelers of that line (Ghandi, Arthur Rimbaud, the legendary Philleas Fogg ....

All layout and graphics were made according to Jugendstil with Eckmann font.

The collection of mugs of beer from the late eighteenth and early twentieth centuries, when some German ceramic factories in the Roehr-Grenzhausen district began to hire artists of the Jugendstil (Liberty style), such as Paul Wynand, Wilhelm Menningen, Bjorn Wiinblad, Richard Riemerschmid to draw works of art. Works of these important artists are present in the Museum.

The route then shows brewery machines from the beginning of the twentieth century until they arrive at beer production today in Brindisi and Salento.

And finally you can taste the beers of the museum produced in Brindisi for the Museum, following recipes full of flavors and history: Pils, Red Ale, Strong Ale.


Buona visita e buona degustazione